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We are a faith-based organization focused on closing gaps in society by unlocking the potential of leaders to lead by faith and purpose.  We engaged hundreds of leaders in all walks of life – corporate, educational, theological, civic, service, and athletic -- about what it takes to be a true leader and how to get them onCUE!...

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Picture a challenge in this world… economically, educationally, socially, or politically. The failure in leadership is at the root of these challenges.  Failure happens because of one of two reasons -

1.Incompetence – you are not ready

2.Imprudence – you are unethical, immoral, or irreverent 

Incompetence can be trained away in some sense, but Imprudence (bad ethics) cannot be trained away and cannot be separated from God’s righteousness.  This Failure in leadership is at the root. It is time to turn the tide, shift the momentum… to change the game.  In order to do that, we need two types of leaders 1) Transformational Leaders (Shepherds) who are a dynamic gamechangers who can help to shift the momentum and 2) we need Gatekeepers on the Wall to stand a-post.  Are you one of these leaders?

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