The Leader in the Mirror

The Leader in the Mirror: A Second Chance to Close the Gap

Friend, it's finally here -- our founder's inaugural book The Leader in the Mirror: Second Chance to Close the Gap?     

Part...  Nehemiah, the model who led a starved desperate, isolated, people in building a wall around ancient Jerusalem; 

Part... a comparison of today's leaders, who warp or balance our society;

Part... leaders in seasons of Eric's life with their unique words and sayings;

Part... a look in Eric's mirror where he undresses pains, joys, failures, faith, and second chances;  

But mostly you... with an ask to look in your mirror and close the gaps in your leadership and in our culture...  In doing so, my book is a life-long guide for leaders in all walks of life to align you with your calling and to lead where you are!

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Get Your Copy