Foundation of CUE Leadership

 What makes us different is that we transform the whole person, including how leaders relate to one another, i.e., interpersonal and other “soft skills”.  CUE Leadership has engaged hundreds of leaders in all walks of life – corporate, educational, theological, civic, service, and athletic -- about what it takes to be a true leader. 

However, at its foundation, CUE Leadership leverages the well-documented and accepted, faith-based transformational leader, Nehemiah. This leader closed the gaps of broken walls and rebuilt an ancient city by aligning people to a higher purpose, i.e., getting them onCUE!

(C) Common Ground – What can we agree on? >>> the Why… we have come together?

(U) Unified Thought –- What vision can we share?  >>>  the What… we intend to do?

(E) Equally Yoked – What is the endgame, plan, and my role? ==> the How…we do?

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